Advanced solutions for concrete repair rather than conventional

Concrete repair proposals and solutions using the most advanced micro- concrete and mortars , and the best crack injection systems in the market

Structures inspection and detailed assessment reports

Includes but not limited to Inspection , concrete testing for chloride content and carbonation , compressive strength testing , structural integrity report


Schneizer has set a vision to provide the ideal construction and facilities for clients and partners to be the label against which our competitors are measured. We strive to come across the needs of the world today without risking the needs of the world tomorrow.

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Our Mission

To build an enduring relationship of diligent and value with our clients and partners, using high quality construction, creative engineering solutions, employing the best resource and latest techniques and soaring innovation.
To obtain projects at viable pricing, provide safest working conditions and delivery work at the exact time frame without compromising Quality requirements of the project.
We deal each challenge with innovative, consistent and secure solutions to meet the necessities of our clients and partners. Through multicultural working groups we are able to provide bearable development for our company and the society.

We are available 24/7 for your requirements.

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  • Strong Technical Backup
  • Punctual Planning Force
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