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Regional Construction products supplier and applicator with innovative products from Germany, Italy, and UAE.
We are specialised in concrete repair, structural reinforcement , special concrete protection, waterproofing, construction chemicals, injection, and floorings.

Schneizer is committed to its brand development strategy and latest technology innovation, which has enabled it to successfully attract talent, as well as providing its customers with high quality services and products by consistently pursuing its corporate mission of “Trustworthy service to clients, High quality returns to shareholders and Consistent out-performance”.

In the old construction industry, companies compete to build a project in merely similar conventional ways. Schneizer is here to build your project using the latest innovations in the industry. We do extensive research, studies, and planning before we choose our construction methodologies.
We are committed to be not just your contractor, but also your partner. We know the worries of our Client and we share the same objective: Successful Delivery of the Project Beyond Expectation, Constantly.

We Are

• a multifunction company equipped with a proactive multinational team that works on providing constructive efficient solutions for all the construction industry sectors.
• due to our strong sourcing network and logistic experience, will provide our customers with the best solutions for their problems making sure that the root cause is treated professionally.
• Known to have the experienced technical team that will provide a high level professional report describing the problems in details mentioning the possible root causes and will propose a solid long term solution.
• Having a variety of products sourced from strong well known suppliers and solution providers all around the world to ensure covering all the issues that could be faced during projects construction.
• Basing our work on a rigorous forecast and planning to ensure that customers enjoy prompt action with best quality.

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